FAQs About Pronghorn Hunting in New Mexico

Published October 15th, 2022 by Justin Basch

New Mexico may not be known for sheer numbers of pronghorn, especially compared to destinations like Wyoming. However, when it comes to quality and trophy potential, it would be difficult to top pronghorn hunting in New Mexico.

When folks ask us about our antelope hunting opportunities, there are a few things we like to explain right off the bat. If you’ve considered pronghorn hunting in New Mexico, here are a few important things we think you should know:

Drawing a Pronghorn License

Pronghorn tags in New Mexico are pretty tough to draw. It’s not a tag you’re likely to draw very often. But when you do draw, get ready for a special pronghorn hunting experience! On our guided New Mexico pronghorn hunts, 75? to 85? bucks are the norm.

The good news is, we also have private land hunts available with guaranteed tags. It’s still worth applying in the draw. But if you don’t get lucky and draw a tag, we have landowner tag options available.

Since tags can be difficult to draw, we always recommend that our clients apply for multiple species. This gives you more chances at going on a great hunt each year. For example, if you’re applying for pronghorn, we highly recommend applying for Oryx too. It’s a similar hunting experience with some really cool upsides. See more on that below.

Trophy Potential

Perhaps the best thing about pronghorn hunting in New Mexico is the opportunity to kill a record book quality antelope. When it comes to pronghorn, New Mexico is the land of giants.

We have access to some outstanding private land for pronghorn hunting. And there may be no better place to kill a record book buck. We’ve killed some great Boone & Crockett bucks ranging from 82? to over 90?.

If you’re looking for high numbers of antelope and just a pronghorn hunt, consider Wyoming. But if you’re looking for a true trophy, New Mexico (and specifically the places where we hunt) should be at the top of your list.

The Hunting And Terrain

The terrain where we hunt pronghorn is wide-open country. Hunters can expect flat prairie, and a mix between desert and grasslands. Stalking antelope in this country is challenging and also a lot of fun – especially when chasing a big buck.

Archery hunts are primarily done using ground blinds and strategic watering locations. Rifle hunts are mostly spot-and-stalk hunts. No matter which season you hunt, spend lots of time practicing with your weapon. Long shots and awkward positions while crawling or sitting are common.

Expect to look at a number of antelope each day. Don’t be surprised when your guide isn’t ready to run off after the first good buck you see. Field judging trophy quality pronghorn takes patience and a ton of glassing. Good optics and a tripod will be essential for looking over a number of bucks each day.

Be ready for hot hunting weather in August. Archery takes place in early August and then rifle hunts take place later in the month. Be prepared with lightweight, moisture wicking clothing, a hat, sunglasses, and other necessary sun protection.

If You’re Interested in Pronghorn, Consider an Oryx Hunt

If you’re applying for pronghorn in New Mexico, you should absolutely be applying for oryx as well. It’s a similar style of hunt and an overall great experience. Draw odds tend to be better. And you’ll come home with a lot more outstanding wild game meat.

Oryx are a beautiful, majestic animal and they are fun to hunt. The meat is to die for. And hunters don’t have to be in great physical shape. There’s really a lot to love about oryx hunting in New Mexico.

Draw odds for our oryx hunts are much better than the odds of drawing a pronghorn tag. And we’ve enjoyed harvest success rates around 100%. Depending on which tag you apply for, your license will be good for an entire month. April and May are the only months when hunting isn’t available.

The hunting is similar to antelope, in that we cover a lot of ground with the vehicle and do a lot of glassing. When we find an animal, we’ll use available roads to get as close as possible and then put a stalk on it.

Again, the oryx meat is truly awesome. And you’ll get far more meat from an oryx than you would from a pronghorn. Between the hunting adventure, the trophy and the meat, oryx hunting is a very rewarding experience.

To learn more about it, see our previous article all about Oryx Hunting in New Mexico.

Contact Us with Questions

Whether you’d like to learn more about pronghorn hunting in New Mexico, oryx hunts or any of the other great hunting adventures available in New Mexico, please feel free to contact us.

To read more about pronghorn hunting, please click here. Or you can learn more about oryx hunts here.

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