A Little About New Mexico Pronghorn

Across the wide open spaces of New Mexico roams an unlikely creature, the North American pronghorn antelope. Although the may look like an African species they are Native to North America. New Mexico’s antelope herd is well know for trophy antelope producing numerous goats every year that exceed the Boone and Crockett mark. Known for their speed and keen eye site make for an experience filled hunt.

While on your hunt be prepared to spend a lot of time glassing and covering country looking at 10-20 bucks a day. Antelope are a very territorial animal which makes using decoys very effective.

Be prepared to shoot out to 500 yards. If you prefer to hunt with a bow practice out to 80+ yards and from the sitting position.

What to Expect With a Pronghorn Hunt

While on you hunt be prepared to look at multiple buck antelope in a single day . You will be covering a lot of ground via 4×4 truck and or side by side. Glassing for hours on end. Hunting very flat terrain so being prepared to crawl or sit in the wide open land scape.

Gear Tips for an Awesome Pronghorn Hunt

  • Spotting Scope and Tripod
  • Good Pair of Binoculars 10×42-15×50 or Better
  • Knee Pads
  • Good Pair of Shooting Sticks

You can hunt New Mexico Antelope with us in August

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