Field to Table Cow Hunt

This is a 4 day/ 4 night experience running from 12/7-12/11/24. The hunt is an open sights muzzleloader hunt, a fully guided all-inclusive experience that includes a Landowner Tag Voucher. Our Cow Elk hunts are unique when compared to your typical standard meat hunt. This experience is geared to all types of hunters, from never harvested to the seasoned Vet! In the field you will be shown ways to spot, stalk, skin, quarter, debone, and pack. Back at our comfortable lodge, you will be shown how to make standard and specialty cuts, vacuum seal, and prepare multiple different appetizers & entrees by a professional chef that we fly in to ensure the best experience. The meat that is utilized for this event is as fresh as it gets, we use a small portion of everyone’s harvest and even include other game meats from our coolers to experience. Some hunters bring multiple wine types that pair with specific dishes. Please note, LOH will not offer or allow alcohol to be consumed during the hunt. To further the experience, we will also bring back a whole cow elk to show another breakdown right at the lodge. Don’t have a gun, or just don’t want to deal with bringing one? Rent one of our custom Best of The West Muzzleloaders! Never shot a gun before? No worries, we take every hunter to the range and work one on one till you’re ready! Come out and get an awesome laid-back western hunting experience. You won’t be disappointed!


Rex Martensen

General Manager

Dylan Baca 


Andre Gonzales 


Jerry Blake


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