Free Bighorn Sheep Guided Hunt

LOH Outfitters is giving away a 10-day guided bighorn sheep hunt valued at $11,749 FREE when you use LOH Outfitters to put in for your New Mexico Bighorn Sheep draw. Successfully draw the bighorn sheep hunt and this once in a lifetime guided hunt is free. See below for details.

Bighorn Sheep

Bighorn Sheep have inhabited the Rocky Mountains for hundreds of years. Nearly wiped out by unmanaged hunting in the early part of the last century, New Mexico bighorn are making a comeback. New Mexico has two distinct subspecies of bighorn sheep; Rocky Mountain Bighorn and Desert Bighorn.

Hunting New Mexico Bighorn is a rare opportunity and often described as a once-in-a-lifetime hunt. Successfully drawing a tag can feel like winning the lottery as once a ram tag is drawn you are no longer eligible to draw the tag again.

New Mexico Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep hunting primarily occurs in alpine elevations in the Pecos, Latir, and Wheeler Peak Wilderness. This area is 12,000 – 13,000 feet and access to this rugged terrain is often on horseback. Hunting is tough and unpredictable. Like any high elevation hunts, the weather can change quickly and only the most physically fit hunters can endure the low-oxygen conditions. The expansive wilderness is a true highlight to any backcountry hunt.

Lower elevation Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep hunts can be found in Turkey Creek, San Francisco River, Dry Cimarron and the Rio Grande Gorge. While this habitat is more accessible for vehicles the terrain comprises steep canyons, and tough rock formations to navigate.

Hunting for the Desert bighorn sheep, New Mexico’s second subspecies, takes place in southwestern and south-central New Mexico. The warm, dry terrain, and scarce water create an entirely different yet challenging hunt. The herd is known to be easily spooked. Vehicle access is easier than higher elevations however hunters can expect steep, rocky and beautiful slopes filled with cactus.

What to Expect With a Bighorn Sheep Hunt

These hunts are spot and stalk hunts with a lot of time behind the glass. Sheep have keen eye sight so we’ll spot and stalk at long ranges. Come prepared for a tough physical hunt at elevations ranging from 4,500 ft up to 11,000 ft. Any serious hunter lucky enough to draw a sheep tag needs to spend a considerable amount of time at the range developing your long-range rifle marksmanship skills.

Gear Tips for an Awesome Bighorn Sheep Hunt

  • Good Pair of Leather 8″ Hiking Boots for Ankle Support on Rocky Terrain. Good Vibram or Similar Soles Recommended
  • Good Pair of Binoculars 10×42 or Better
  • Glassing Pad and Knee Pads
  • Good Hunting Backpack to Carry Water and Snacks and Meat
  • Long-range Gun

Read our gear advice for more tips

You can hunt New Mexico Bighorn sheep August – January

Bighorn Sheep Hunt Giveaway

Draw a once-in-a-lifetime New Mexico bighorn sheep tag via LOH Oufitters managed draw application service and we’ll cover the cost of your 10-day guided hunt, food, lodging, and field processing. You receive a guided hunt valued at $11,749 for FREE.

Start Application Today

Step 1: Download and complete our managed application service contract.

Step 2: Send $750 deposit to LOH Outfitters

Step 3: Draw the dream tag and get a free hunt.

If successful, you can apply our $750 deposit toward the purchase of your permit. If you are not selected for the draw, you can apply your deposit toward any elk, deer, pronghorn, oryx, or barbary sheep hunt offered by LOH Outfitters in 2021 or beyond. This trip is valid for either Rocky Mountain or Desert Bighorn Sheep units.

The successful hunter is responsible for:

  • Cost of New Mexico Bighorn Sheep Permit and Applicable License, Fees, Permits, and Taxes.
  • Cost of Game Processing, Taxidermy and Shipping
  • Transportation to and From Loh Outfitters Location

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