Do I Have to Pay for My Meat and Taxidermy to Be Processed?

Yes. We have a local taxidermist that can prepare your meat, cape and skull for shipping.

How Do I Get My Meat and Taxidermy Home?

If you are bringing meat home we have a local processor that can ship your meat. If you are driving home you can either bring your own ice chest or purchase one in town.

Do I Have to Quarter My Own Animal?

No, but help is appreciated. We will field dress your meat and have close connections with a local processor and taxidermist but you are required to pay for your own processing, shipping of meat, taxidermy, cape, and antlers.

How Much is the Meat and Taxidermy Processing?

Plan on $200 – $400 for meat processing and shipping and $250 – $1,000 for mounts and taxidermy.

What About Cell Services?

Verizon cell phones will work in town, and in some spots in the mountains.

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