Do you offer landowner tags (ie: Guaranteed Tags)?

Yes, these tags range from $4,000 – $8,500 and up ($5,500 deposit required and prices are subject to 5% New Mexico sales tax).

They are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Should I Try to Draw a Tag, or Buy a Landowner Tag?

Theres 2 ways to hunt New Mexico – you can draw a tag, or you can buy a landowner tag.

If you know you want to hunt, then put a deposit on a landowner tag now to reserve your spot before the draw.

You will still be entered under our outfitter number for an increased chance of drawing a tag. If you do draw, we’ll put your landowner tag deposit towards the cost of your hunt.

Can I Add a Day Onto My Hunt?

Yes, for an additional $750 per day for archery hunts only.

Does the Price Include Meat Processing, Shipping, and Taxidermy?

No. We will field dress your meat and have close connections with a local processor and taxidermist but you are required to pay for your own processing, shipping of meat, taxidermy, cape, and antlers. Plan on $200 – $400 for meat processing and shipping and $250 – $1,000 for mounts and taxidermy.

What is Expected as a Tip for My Guide, Spotter and Cook?

Typical gratuities are 10-20% of the cost for the hunt, depending on your experience. Please tip your guide and spotter after the hunt. You should also tip your camp or lodge cook. They work hard to bring you great meals every day and your tip is very much appreciated.

Do I Need to Put Down a Deposit?

Yes, we require a non-refundable $750 deposit to hold your spot with LOH Outfitters. 50% of the hunt cost will be paid when you draw. Deposits amounts for landowner tags can be found on our Book Your Hunt page.Your balance is due by August 15th via bank check or cash (upon arrival to New Mexico). You can find more details at our Book Your Hunt page.

How Much Does the Draw Cost?

Between $555-$780 for a successful draw.

Does New Mexico Refund My Tag if I Don’t Draw?

Yes. Unsuccessful draws refund all but a $89 processing fee. Refunds normally occur within a week or two after the draw results are released. Refunds are automatically returned to your online form of payment.

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