Great FAQ…Please be mentally and physically prepared for this blood pumping, nerve racking, adrenalin rushed experience.

Should I Practice?

Yes! The #1 problem for most hunters is lack of practice!

The #2 issue is using weaponry or ammunition during the hunt that you haven’t practiced with!

Practice shooting your weapon routinely with the ammunition you WILL use on your hunt.

How Should I Practice?

Shoot wearing your back pack, binoculars, rangefinder, hat, face-mask, gloves and clothing you’ll be wearing while hunting. Get in the habit of switching up how you practice.

What Range Should I Practice at?

Not so common FAQ for us but very important. Comfortable rages (Bow 5-70 yards, Gun 50-200 yards) and outside your comfort range (Bow 90 yards, Muzzleloader 200 yards), sitting down, standing, on your knees, with and without a rest, running around with your blood pumping, and your adrenaline through the roof.

How Much Time Will I Have to Shoot?

Great FAQ…Think of all possible circumstances and practice those scenarios. An opportunity frequently happens in seconds! If you are not used to stalking big game, it can all happen very quickly and you need to be on your toes! The more prepared you are the better your chances will be on a successful kill. Also, get yourself into the best physical condition that you can. It will greatly increase the enjoyment and success of your hunt.

If you need any advise please contact me and I can share tips that have helped me in the field. My #1 goal is to give you a good experience and for you to kill a giant Bull of a lifetime! I work very hard to give you that opportunity.

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