"LOH Outfitters takes hunting ethics very seriously. In order to keep ethical practices at the front of our minds while hunting. we ask you to please be prepared, and know your weapon before you arrive. If in the unfortunate circumstance you wound an animal with a poor shot, you and your guide will return to the range to make sure your equipment is functioning properly. If you decide after the range time that you would like to take another chance, we would ask you to make a $1,000 donation towards taking a deserving youth hunting. We hope that you understand this policy, and we also hope that you are able to make a great, well placed shot on your animal of a lifetime."


"This contract may be used for 3 consecutive years from the date of contract and then will be updated unless otherwise receiving written communication. The license fee is paid separately to the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish and is not included in the cost of the hunt. Your hunt cost is subject to New Mexico sales tax & fees of 8.125%. Limited Power of Attorney: Contract must be signed and dated for application to be processed I authorize LOH Outfitters to process and sign my name to applications for the draw hunt system, hunting licenses, and landowner permits in the state of New Mexico. Contract for Outfitting service: The hunter will provide personal transportation to hunting headquarters, weapon and ammunition, and all personal articles. Outfitter will provide covered or field accommodations, food, guide service, field dressing of game, and packing to headquarters. Processing and shipping are the responsibility of the hunter. LOH Outfitters will charge your credit card $135 at the time your application is processed."

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